Avoid Access Troubles With VPN

Have you ever had trouble accessing the VPN server via your mobile or gadget? After analyzing the problems that occur, the problems found are not from the server but VPN access from the gadgets used by the customer. Why did this happen? VPN itself is a Virtual Private Network, which is a connection between one network and another privately via the Internet (public) network. A VPN makes it easier for you when you have to work even when you’re outside the office. You can access files, e-mail, and databases at your headquarters using a VPN network which is relatively cheaper and safer than connecting directly to your office server or sending files over the Internet. But to get the best service, you also need to choose the best dedicated vpn.

Various types of VPN are widely recognized today such as PTPP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. However, what is still classified as the most common and is used by many people is the PTPP type VPN. Even some Apple devices still use PTPP VPN in their settings. This is the source of the problems caused by the blocking of the PTPP VPN by several local providers in Canada. There has been no official report or clarification from the provider, but the monitoring results show that providers have blocked this PTPP VPN service. Then what to do? To solve this problem, it is recommended that you switch to using another VPN access, namely L2TP. Even when L2TP is still used less often, L2TP is correspondingly compatible with most used operating systems such as Linux, Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.

Apart from being compatible with a wide range of desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, VPN L2TP is also stable on NAT supported devices. L2TP also features the highest encryption, namely IP Sec which checks data integrity and encapsulates data twice so it is the right choice if security is your priority.

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