Business Network International What Is It And What The Purpose

So getting back to the plot, I’ve posed the question whether Business networking International or BNI as it is more familiarly known works and by that I mean in comparison with other business networking organisations. Dependent on the business networking events that you attend there are a number of differing formats to the networking group meeting. Some business networking groups have a very structured format to the meeting whereas others are more relaxed yet it’s BNI that is at the more structured end; Structured even to the extent that you must bring in at least one referral to every meeting.

I guess that this BNI structure at least makes sure that every member is committed to their business networking group but is it correct to prioritise quantity over quality? If you genuinely haven’t got a referral to give and you’re under pressure to offer one, what are you going to do? If it were me, I’d be offering half a lead, a name I’d come across during the week, certainly something that less than what should be a fully qualified referral.

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