Getting To Know The Type Of Apartment Before Buying It

The apartment is the right solution for residential needs in urban areas which incidentally is increasingly limited land conditions. One North Eden, There you can easily find various types of apartments such as mixed development condominiums. When you want to have one, whether it’s buying or renting an apartment, you shouldn’t just consider the location and price. Also, pay attention to the type of apartment to your needs. For example, whether you will live alone or with family, whether the apartment that you will only use for resting or gathering with colleagues. Each has different specifications as offered by One North Eden. So as not to choose the wrong, first identify the type of apartment, then buy a suitable one.

Studio apartment. Studio type is a common type of apartment. The characteristic of this type is that there is only one room. The room is used for residential needs. Starting from the kitchen, cupboards, beds, to the family room. There is also an additional closed space used for bathrooms. The area of this apartment is generally around 30 square meters. The concept of one space in it is usually only sealed with non-permanent partitions. The price offered is quite affordable. This type of apartment, suitable for you who will live alone.

2 Bedroom Apartment. As the name suggests, this apartment has two bedrooms. One main bedroom, as well as a bedroom for children with smaller sizes. Several types of similar apartments sometimes design the unit with two similarly large rooms. For young couples who are married, this type of apartment is the ideal choice. The price offered is not so expensive when compared to other types of apartments. In addition to rooms, there are also living rooms, kitchens, workspaces to the family room. The price offered will generally adjust the area of the unit and the number of rooms. For living with family, this apartment is pretty good.

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