Let Your Problem Gone By Consulting In Counsellor North London

If you suspect that there might be deeper issues getting in the way of meeting your goals (whether you have specific goals or more general ones such as “feeling happier”), counselling North London may be a better fit.

Some coaches will say that therapists focus only on the past or that all therapists use a medical model and think in terms of diagnosis, but that is inaccurate. While some therapists on counselling North London work this way (and a diagnosis is required for therapy to be reimbursed by insurance), many therapists are quite happy to focus on goals and to work with clients who have no diagnosis. However, to be licensed as a therapist one has to have been supervised by an experienced therapist during thousands of hours with clients. This doesn’t guarantee that your therapist will be better equipped to do deeper work, but it can be quite helpful.

If you find that you aren’t making enough progress toward specific goals with your therapist, bring up your concerns. Some therapists may be willing to shift to a more goal-focused approach (or explain why they think that won’t be helpful yet). Others may suggest that you see a coach in parallel, if you can afford it. Based on your discussion with your therapist, you may decide to postpone a more goal-focused approach.

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