Mistakes In Car Maintenance

Owning a car is a proud thing, right? For that, taking care is also very important. Indeed, caring for the car is tricky. But most car users take it easy in car maintenance. Especially for those of you who have free time to care for the car. For that, you shouldn’t be a person who takes care of cars lightly. Because this will have a bad impact on your own car. Indeed, some mistakes in caring for a car happen without you knowing it. So you don’t know right or wrong in caring for a car. If you want to get some tips, you can click here.

Washing the Car Using Detergent
Washing a car using detergent does make the car body shiny and clean. But you need to know that behind this excess detergent there are bad effects for the car. Some of the ingredients found in detergents will discolor the exterior of your car. And over time the color of your car will fade. Of course, you don’t want this to happen right? Therefore, immediately leave this matter when doing car maintenance.

Cleaning the rear windshield using a glass cleaner
To clean the rear windshield using a glass cleaner is indeed a simple thing and the glass will shine. But you need to know that this method is wrong. Because this cleaner will damage the rear windshield defogger heating cable component or antenna. The solution, clean your rear windshield using a damp cloth. Then wet the cloth with warm water and gently wipe the back glass until it is clean.

Washing the Cabin Floor Using Water
Water used to wash the car cabin will cause damage to your car. The audio system is one of the most sensitive parts of a car. If the electrical components are exposed to water, the audio system will be damaged. In addition, you need to know that the serious damage that occurs to the car when using this method is rust. Car body rust must be a big problem for you. Therefore, to wash the cabin floor, use a damp cloth.

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