How to Make Children Like Reading in the Digital Age

Today’s children are part of the digital generation. The reality is that children are accustomed to using the internet and technology applications, even toddlers are very familiar with cellphone games or watching YouTube shows. It is unavoidable. The more widespread technology and the development of the times, it is your job to direct the children of this digital generation to keep education on children learning reading first. The following is how to guide children to love reading in the digital era:

Parents and adults as positive filters
No matter how good the values ‚Äč‚Äčinstilled by parents, environmental and social influences also play a big role in children’s lives. Sorting out content and reminding which ones are good for children to see or read, and things to avoid and not follow. You can also periodically check children’s gadgets to see what applications are installed and what websites children visit. This is a way of caring for parents about children’s activities in using the internet.

Become a role model or idol for children
Don’t tell your children to limit their use of gadgets, but on the other hand, you can’t get away from gadgets all day long. Give a real example, it is permissible to use a gadget at certain times but reading a book is more fun. For example, you can start reading fairy tales to young children, giving them interesting reading books with lots of pictures and colors. As for children who are older, look for interesting reading themes to discuss with the children.

Use gadgets wisely
Accompany children when using gadgets and invite children to look for interesting things that contain elements of education. For example, you can jointly discuss lessons at school through internet browsing, so that children will get used to searching for information in cyberspace and find out the benefits of using gadgets.