These AC Maintenance Tips Can Help Yours Stay Cool

Install air conditioning can make your room more comfortable. However, caring for air conditioning can be a hassle. For that, we present easy tips to keep your air conditioner long and cool. Having knowledge about how to care for air conditioning not only saves you from servicing costs, but it can also save you the consumption of electrical energy in your home. However, if your AC is damaged already, we recommend you hire the service of port charlotte ac repairs.

For that, try to follow these tips to keep your air conditioner cool and your home comfortable:

Clean the condenser

Have you ever cleaned the indoor AC unit, but forgot to clean the condenser that is outside the room? If you forget to clean it, dirt and dust can clog the air conditioner cooling fins. As a result, your air conditioner cannot cool the air to its full potential. However, you don’t need to worry because cleaning the condenser is quite easy. Just use a soft or vacuum brush to clean the cooling fins.

Check the evaporator

The evaporator in the air conditioner is used to absorb heat from the air in your room. One sign that your AC evaporator is not working properly is the absence of cold air blowing from the air conditioner. When this happens, you only need to clean the evaporator with a damp cloth to get it back to normal work.

Check out Freon

Freon is the cooler in your air conditioner. Air conditioners that lack Freon will not be able to cool the room efficiently. When your air conditioner is no longer cold, you can contact our technician to check and charge the Freon AC if needed.

Clean the filter

Dirty filters not only hinder the performance of your air conditioner but also affect the consumption of electricity and air quality in your room. Make sure you clean the filter at least once a month. However, if your home is in a location where there is a lot of sand and dust or if you have furry animals, you need to clean the filter at least once every two weeks.

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