These Are The Things You Need To Understand Before Skating

Skateboard has never lost its fans. Moreover, with the emergence of various public spaces that are very friendly for skaters playing skates, of course, more and more people are also interested in trying this extreme sport. Are you also one of those who want to try a hobby of skateboarding? Before starting this hobby, of course, there are some things you need to know and understand so that driving on a skateboard will be smoother. When starting your hobby of skating, the first thing you need to learn is falling techniques. Of course, when playing skate, beginners will often fall because they are not used to it Summit Board. If not careful, the wrong position or fall could be fatal! So, make sure you master the correct fall technique so that learning to skate can be maximized! Don’t forget to use a mini longboard to maximize your hobby.

After the falling technique, then learn how to control the skateboard to turn right and left. Then, to start learning tricks, start with the jumping trick or what is commonly known as’ ollie. You can slowly develop the jumping technique, aka “Ollie”, into other techniques, such as jumping around so that the board sticks together. Then, this technique can be upgraded again to just a skate around. After memorizing the basic jumping techniques, you can slowly start trying to climb on objects such as benches or flat bar rails. You can combine all these tricks and try to apply them to other obstacles that are suitable for skating.

A common mistake that novice skaters make is the position of the feet on the skateboard. This is important because it will affect the balance and control of the skateboard. Understand the strength of your legs. Which foot responds more quickly to control the board, and which one responds more to removing the board when you start to lose control. Even though none of the skateboards are specifically made to be comfortable to use while still in the learning phase, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you need to pay attention to when choosing a skateboard. Choosing a skateboard should be adjusted to the comfort of your own feet. For example, for those who have wide legs, of course, a wide skateboard will be more comfortable. Moreover, the comfort of the board will be related to falling obstacles or loss of balance

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